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Decennial Minerals Exploration Conferences (DMEC) was created in 2007 as the legal entity responsible for managing the Exploration 07 conference and is the corporation that now holds the copyright for the proceedings of the conference

The Exploration 17 conference, held in October 2017, was the sixth of a successful series of conferences which have been held every 10 years since 1967. These meetings have been designed to summarize the advancements in the state of the art in minerals exploration technology over the previous decade through a series of focused technology reviews and case studies in the fields of geophysics, geochemistry, remote sensing and information processing and data management.

While the four decennial events prior to Exploration 07 were organized on an ad hoc basis by volunteers from within the Canadian provincial and federal governments, minerals exploration and service communities, the organizers of Exploration 07 were legally required to incorporate in order to properly manage an event of the size and complexity as the decennial conference. When Exploration 07 was officially finished in early 2008, with the distribution of the final conference DVD, the DMEC executive felt that the message conveyed by the Exploration 07 was of sufficient importance to the industry that more of an on-going presence within the exploration community was warranted. The proceedings of these decennial events are a valuable resource for exploration geoscientists. Technical papers and session recordings can be downloaded free from the Resources page on this website. Reproduction of these resources with appropriate credit extended to the authors is allowed.


The main purpose of DMEC is the planning, organizing and running of decennial conferences (the next one is scheduled for Q4 2027).

Additionally, DMEC will look for shorter term opportunities to promote its vision that the successful use of technology will most likely occur when technology is meaningfully integrated into programs and that this in turn, will most likely occur when the geoscientists involved are working in a collaborative fashion.


Interested in helping organize a DMEC event? Please contact one of the DMEC executives.

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