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Decennial Conference Proceedings

Exploration '17: Integrating the Geosciences: the Challenge of Discovery download pdf
Exploration ‘07: Exploration in the New Millennium download pdf
Exploration ‘97: Geophysics and Geochemistry at the Millennium    download pdf
Exploration ‘87: The Role of Exploration in Resource Development    download pdf
Exploration ‘77: Geophysics and Geochemistry in the Search for Metallic Ores   download pdf
Exploration ‘67: Mining and Groundwater Geophysics    download pdf
International Geophysical Year - 1957 – CMM: Canadian Mining Geophysics    download pdf

Workshops and Videos


2017: The value of regional data in terrane scale assessments download pdf 
2016: Making technology work; the importance of time and patience download pdf 
2015: Developing the tools and techniques to explore undercover; a global initiative download pdf 
2014: Risk in Exploration: Measuring it and How to Avoid Ruin  download button
2013: Southern Andes Exploration; Challenges of Searching Under Cover in Elephant Country  download button  
2012: Exploring undercover in a greenfield setting the Quesnel terrain in east-central British Columbia  download button
2011: Driving exploration success in deep exploration through multi-disciplinary collaboration and data integration  download button


2015: Second Biennial Great Basin and Western Cordillera Mining Geophysics Symposium  download link
2013: Great Basin and Western Cordillera Mining Geophysics Symposium  download button



2016: Geophysics and Geological Case Studies  download pdf watch button
2014: Lalor Symposium  download pdf watch button


2015: Workshop - Geophysical signatures of mineral systems, more than bumps  download pdf watch button
2013: Workshop - Exploration Undercover; Challenges and Opportunities for Industry, Academia and Government  download pdf watch button
2012: 3D EM Inversion, an Update on Capabilities and Outcomes download pdf

Industry Review

1965 – 2017: Compilation of annual “Exploration Trends and Developments”  download link