Exploration 07 is the fifth decennial conference organized by the Canadian mineral exploration community to review the major advances in exploration technology over the previous decade. It was held in Toronto from September 9 to 12, 2007. It incorporated seven workshops and a field school prior to and following the conference. This Flash drive preserves the legacy of the conference, which was attended by 1,200 delegates from more than 60 countries.

Dear Colleague:

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the founding of Condor Consulting, Inc. To commemorate this anniversary we have prepared a digital resource containing:

1) The full proceedings of Exploration 07
2) A variety of geoscience materials relating to Condorís main business focus, airborne EM
3) Section dealing with 3D Inversion and Display.

Within the Condor folder, there are a number of Condorís major case studies covering a variety of deposit/mineral styles as well as a series of papers presented from 2003-2009 documenting the evolution of the VTEM EM system.

Click here to view the introductory file. To view all the files, open Windows Explorer and go to the "Condor" directory.
4) Files related to the Decennial Proceedings contained in the "Decennial Proceedings" directory.



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